Wedding Rentals

All-Faith and Interdenominational Weddings and Unions

We are delighted that you two are interested in having your wedding at Unity Spiritual Center! Many happy couples have married here, and we know how important this special day is to you. We will enjoy working with you in planning a ceremony that you will remember for the rest of your lives.

  • Sanctuary

Our Sanctuary, with a seating capacity of 144, is ideal for weddings. It has tile floors, high ceilings, and a stained-glass window that can be covered, if desired. The room has seats that can be moved for any seating arrangement. It is also equipped with two large flat-screen monitors, and a sound system that will accommodate any sound requirements. Various lighting options also available.

Facing Ocean Avenue, the Fillmore Room gets lots of natural light. Lighting options allow the ambiance to be adjusted to any atmosphere desired. The space opens onto a garden with benches. To facilitate serving food, the room is connected to a fully operational kitchen.

A kitchen, immediately adjacent to the Fillmore Room, has an electric oven with four burners. The kitchen also contains a microwave, filtered water and a medium-sized refrigerator.

bookstoreOur bookstore is available to double as a changing room, or any other room needed. There are also two bathrooms available for you and your guests’ use.

Bride’s Room/Groom’s Room: The bride and groom will each have a room in the church available for their use if needed.

Video/Photography: Video equipment must be stationary and placement is determined by our wedding coordinator.

Deposit Fee: A $100 deposit is required to hold your reservation. The wedding is not considered scheduled until the deposit is received. Refunds will be made up to 30 days prior to the ceremony, less a $25 fee. The balance of payment is due no  later than two weeks prior to the wedding date. A 30-day cancellation notice is required.

Rice: No rice, birdseed, or any substance is to be thrown outside of the church. Please inform   everyone attending.


Marriage License: The couple must obtain their wedding license and present it to the minister prior to the event.

Pre-Nuptial Counseling: You will have the opportunity to meet with the minister to discuss the details of the service. Please bring any poems, prayers, special readings or other information you wish to include in the ceremony to this meeting.

Wedding Coordinator: Our wedding coordinator will work with you prior to and during the event to ensure a unique and meaningful day. Call the church office, 415-566-4122.

Off-site Weddings/Unions: Our minister also performs weddings and unions in the setting of your choice in the Bay Area. Weddings beyond this area may require additional fees.

Decorations: You may use blue painter’s tape or Contact products for your decorations. No staples, tacks, nails or Scotch tape are permitted. The church will open an hour prior to the ceremony for decorating.

groom and bride holds each other handsFORMAL WEDDING/UNION RENTAL FEES

Church Rental: $600. (Price includes use of the Sanctuary, Bride’s Room and Groom’s Room for two hours, as well as the services of the Wedding Coordinator.)
Minister’s Fee: $350.
Rehearsal Fee: $200.
Pianist: $200.
Vocal Soloist: $150.
Total Cost of Formal Wedding/Union: $1,500.
Reception Facilities: $400.

The Fillmore Room may be used for up to three hours for a reception. Seating capacity is 20-30 people for a sit-down dinner. No alcohol is permitted on the premises, and the room must be left in clean condition.


The Simple Union is a no-frills option with the couple, two witnesses and the minister. It is offered on weekdays from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. for a reduced rate of $250. On weekends, the rate for a Simple Union is $350.

Member Discount: Wedding rental fees are reduced for members of the church. Call the church office at 415-566-4122 for details.

Questions: If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at the church office.

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