The Purpose Is Love

Having been trained as a life-purpose coach, spiritual director, and minister, I spend a lot of time thinking about the purpose of life. And while everyone has a unique role to play in this world, there are commonalities of purpose that all of us share. In my research and reading, I keep note of what various teachers, both secular and spiritual, suggest as being the ultimate purpose of life, and I’ve noticed a common theme emerging. The purpose of life, most sages have proposed, can be boiled down to one word…love.

Isn’t that beautiful in its simplicity? The purpose of life is to love. What I love about this invitation to love is that it is something that we can do right now, no matter how confused we may be about finding our way in life. Whether we’re searching for our right livelihood, Mr. or Ms. Right, or any other purposeful aspect of life, we can still love right now. We can explore what it means to love in a job we’re unsatisfied with; we can explore what it means to love when we’re longing for a relationship; we can explore what it means to love when we feel hopelessly muddled about just about everything in life. And really, that’s what living our highest vision is all about: being aware of the love around us, creating from love, sharing our love with the world.

Your love is needed in this world. Sharing your love is the greatest gift you could give someone—and yourself—today.

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