The Power of Wonder

In thinking about a subject for this week’s reflection, I turned to a book of quotations.  There, I found this wonderful statement by author and theologian Matthew Fox: “To repress our wonder is to kill our capacity for the Divine.”

What a useful point upon which to meditate…how might we be repressing our wonder?  How might we be killing our capacity for the Divine?  In our fast-paced, complex society, it can be very easy to allow our wonder to leak–to become cynical, to even convince ourselves that our viewpoint is sophisticated and realistic, that certain things are “just the way life is.”  But can you think of a sentence that kills our capacity for the Divine more than that one?

The upcoming season of spring invites us to re-embrace that sense of wonder, as all around us we’re beginning to see buds and blossoms and new life.  May we take care this week to cultivate that wonder, to spend even just five minutes in contemplation of something in nature.  May we remember that when we neglect our spirit of wonder, when we slip into cynicism or sarcasm, we kill–in bits and pieces–our capacity for the Divine.  And may we explore the thought that the converse might be true: that by expanding our sense of wonder, we might also be expanding our sense of the Divine.

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