The Power of Small Choices

Years ago I came across a quotation that I still sometimes ponder: “Nothing is insignificant.” It’s an interesting concept to chew on, since it often can be tempting to dismiss a momentary indulgence with the thought that we won’t have that piece of chocolate, or won’t watch that TV show, or will clean out our closet, or will write that letter, “next time”—tomorrow. But so often that next time, those tomorrows, hold the same behaviors with the same justifications—that we’ll do it just this once, that just once can’t hurt, that just once is insignificant.

Writer Annie Dillard observed that “the way we live our days, is the way we live our lives.” Put into this larger container, those “insignificant” behaviors can have a significant impact on the quality of our lives. This is not to suggest that we must always hold ourselves to rigid “to-do” (or “do-not”) lists…only to pose the reminder that we need to be mindful about why we’re choosing what we are, and to make our choices more consciously. Taken together, the sum of all our choices equals the story of our lives—and we can keep living out our old stories, or make ourselves a New Story.

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