The Power of Renewal

With the advent of autumn comes reminders from drugstores and doctors to get our annual flu shots—and with busier schedules that lead up to the holidays, it is a season in which it is very easy to get run down, if not actually sick. Our health impacts our energy—and the enthusiasm we have about living our highest visions for our lives. When we feel depleted, we’re not as excited or enthusiastic about our daily activities; and we aren’t as inclined to involve ourselves in as many outside activities as we usually do.

It’s a great reminder of how important the art of renewal is to expressing all of who we were created to be. Being mindful to consistently replenish and renew ourselves is very much a part of that process. Maya Angelou wrote that “The woman [or man] who challenges herself to invent herself daily displays sublime creativity”—and I would add that the woman or man who challenges her- or himself to renew and spiritually refill daily displays sublime wisdom.

This week, may we practice the art of renewal in more conscious ways. May we seek the practices that can be nourishing to our everyday lives; may we remember that if we don’t heed the need to rest and renew, the need will make itself persistently (and perhaps inconveniently) known.

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