The Power of Renewal, Part Two

In Unity we’re taught that we create our experiences by what we choose to think, feel and believe. We know that it’s not helpful to dwell on negative thoughts and feelings, but sometimes we’re more successful at challenging them than at other times. When we find ourselves struggling, it might be helpful to start with this intriguing quotation by Andre Gide: “Sadness is almost never anything but a form of fatigue.”

When we’re tired — 12-Step groups would also add or hungry, or lonely, or angry to that list — we are more vulnerable to negative thinking. Even the best tools can be less than effective when we’re simply fatigued. Sometimes all we need to get centered again is a nap…or some food…or some time with a friend, or with God. A big part of living our best lives is honoring ourselves enough to simply stop when we need to.

May we continue to be guided to the tools that will best support our highest visions for our lives. May we be discerning about what is truly a challenge, and what might just be negative thinking arising from being hungry, angry, lonely, or just plain tired. May we learn to give ourselves what we need — may we learn to treat ourselves with the kindness, and love, that we naturally extend to others. By doing so, by practicing the art of renewal, we ultimately will be able to extend even more kindness and love…to ourselves, to our beloved others, and to all beings who cross our path.

—Rev. Maggie Oman Shannon

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