The Power of Following a Calling

I think the idea of following a calling is an interesting one in the context of creating our highest vision for our lives; because as much as we do, in fact, actively author our lives, I believe we also are authored — by the Divine — through various, sometimes small and often synchronistic, events. I have had a number of callings in my life; and I’ll share the experience of one of them here which I recently shared on my radio show, “Creative Spirit.”

In 1999, I was unhappy with the job I was in and looking for a new challenge that felt aligned with my deepest values. I subscribed to a newsletter on making career transitions and in it read an article about someone who was a “spiritual director.” I had never seen the term before but immediately was intrigued. I did an Internet search on the term, and discovered Mercy Center in Burlingame — only a few miles away. Moreover, a year-long training in spiritual direction, part of a three-year program, was beginning there in just a few days! I called the office and asked if I could attend the opening class and simply pay for the day if I didn’t continue; I have always suspected that the receptionist might have made an exception by telling me yes. The following Saturday I found a place in the classroom; and within 10 minutes, I felt an inner “Eureka!” — I had found something that deeply nourished my soul.

In this case, I truly felt called — guided to a practice I hadn’t even known existed, and one that continues to enrich my life in immeasurable ways. What about you? What experiences have you had with “following the breadcrumbs” — and discovering at the end of the trail an incredible feast? God will always lead us where we need to go…if we simply slow down, pay attention, and act on the guidance we receive.

—Rev. Maggie Oman Shannon

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