The Most Important Question

I find that nature can give us such mirrors about larger lessons, and some of those I have learned from my pets. Though she’s no longer with me—she had to be put to sleep a few years ago, having almost made it to her 20th birthday — one of those lessons I learned after accidentally stepping on the tail of my elderly cat. After apologizing profusely in the best interspecies way I knew how, I was immediately rewarded again with her presence next to me on the couch.

I mention this as an example of the trust that we all choose to demonstrate, or not to demonstrate, at every moment of our lives. Like my cat Lani, we may get “stepped on,” and we then have a choice whether to trust again or not. I’ve read that Einstein said that the most important question that we as human beings have to answer is, Is the universe friendly or not? Do we live in a benevolent universe, or not?

Indeed, this is the underlying framework beneath creating the largest, fullest vision for our lives: Can we trust that what we want for our lives matters? Can we have, do, or be what we want? Can we trust that our lives matter?

If our answer to any of these questions is no, we will stay stuck in our old stories. Like my cat Lani, we have a choice when we feel pain — to run away and hide, to lick our wounds…or to take a chance again. Lani was rewarded with a lot of love—and treats. Our trust in a friendly universe—our trust in the Divine—will be rewarded, too.

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