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We invite you to explore all the resources here for living a more meaningful life. Please join us for an inspiring service Sunday at 11 a.m.

We Are Part of a Worldwide Spiritual Movement…

Unity Spiritual Center is part of a world-wide spiritual movement with headquarters in Unity Village, Missouri, near Kansas City. Unity is a way of life. It is often called “a positive path for spiritual living.” We have no set creed in Unity, but we do have five foundation statements that express the essence of who we are.

Unity is a teaching of personal empowerment. Our commitment as a congregation is to be a support system for each other as we seek individually and collectively to live in alignment with God, the Spirit of Infinite Goodness, and create happy, healthy, prosperous, fulfilling lives.

We welcome you with open hearts and affirm the truth of these words: “Behold, how good and pleasant it is when brothers and sisters dwell in Unity!” (Psalms 133:1).

“Crafting Love” Named One of the Best Spiritual Books of 2019

“Crafting Love,” the latest book from our Senior Minister Rev. Maggie Oman Shannon, has been named one of the best spiritual books of 2019. Congratulations Rev. Maggie!

Creative Spirit: Connecting Art and Soul

Rev. Maggie’s hour-long radio show, “Creative Spirit: Connecting Art and Soul,” has been archived here, and you also can download previous shows on iTunes.


Recorded video of Sunday service
for March 29 on YouTube;
followed by a live Zoom fellowship meeting at 12 noon 
Dear USC Family,
As you know, due to the local and statewide “shelter-in-place” mandate, we have closed USC until further notice. 
Instead, we are using our YouTube channel as a gathering place. For safety’s sake, we will not be gathering our skeleton crew to livestream our service; instead, we will periodically be posting videos that you can access on our YouTube channel (found at this link or by copying this URL and pasting it into your browser:  
If you have any difficulty accessing that link, just visit www.youtube.com and do a search for “Unity Spiritual Center of San Francisco.” (You can become a subscriber to our channel too!)  
We will always have something posted for the Sundays that our doors are closed so that you can still enjoy a recorded video of prayer, meditation and music. For tomorrow’s service (March 29), you will hear a lesson from our Center Manager and Assistant Minister, Rev. Gerry Brague.
Then, at 12 noon Pacific time, we are going to host a live Zoom meeting for fellowship purposes. Here is the information you will need to access that:

Topic: Maggie Oman Shannon’s Zoom Meeting
 Mar 29, 2020 12:00 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 532 699 361
Password: 020544
This meeting will be limited to 30 minutes as we try out gathering this way; if all goes well (and we affirm it will!), we will be announcing more Zoom meetings in the future that will be able to last for a longer period of time. 
We will keep on top of the news regarding public health recommendations and will keep you updated on the latest decisions regarding our community life here at USC. 
 This is an unprecedented and alarming time of world-health concerns, and I know that all of us are experiencing complex emotions. I also know that this is a time when we might feel more than ever the need for connection with others…and we are actively looking for ways to keep in contact with our USC community, including utilizing technology and social media to a greater extent.
Other ways to keep in touch include our new “Ocean of Love Community Group” Facebook page, a page on which members and friends can post uplifting articles, comments, and photos. If you would like to be part of this private Facebook group, please request to join by clicking on this link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1348398415361686/ ; if you have any difficulty with that, please call 415-566-4122 and leave a message that you’d like to be added; or email me at uscsf@att.net
We are aware that there are a number of our members who are not active on the Internet, so we ask that you work with us in alerting your USC friends who do not have a computer about communications as we make them; and also alerting the USC office if you know of someone in particular who could use help or a comforting call. We can–and I hope will–all work together to make our USC family members who may not be regular attendees feel loved and cared for.
Toward this end, we will be completing our new directory and sending it out to active members as soon as possible. Again, if you would like a copy of this directory, please contact me using the phone number or email address listed above and below.
Also, if you would like to volunteer to help our members who may not be tech-savvy to set up an online grocery-delivery system, please let us know by email. 
In addition, I will make myself available for 45-minute spiritual counseling calls if you–or a member of the USC community–would like the chance to speak with me. Again, please make an appointment for that using the contact information given.
I also am considering doing group phone conference calls, if that’s something that you feel the need for. Please let me know if you would find that helpful–a way to talk with me and others in this community over the telephone. 
We in Unity know how important our consciousness is and have a host of wonderful spiritual tools and practices that we can draw upon during these uncertain days to keep us connected to Spirit and to help us choose faith rather than fear. One of the greatest gifts Unity offers us is the practice of affirmative prayer, such as the following: 
God is a Love that has no end and a Power that knows no bounds.
The healing power of Divine Life is restoring, healing, and revitalizing our world in this very moment. We let go of any fears or anxieties, and we affirm that all are safe, healthy, and protected. We bless all those who support us in maintaining vibrant radiant health. 
We express Divine Life in all we think, say, and do. 
We bless our global family with radiant health, peace of mind, and abundant love.

 I also want to leave you with an image and poem I found by an author and teacher named Christine Valters Paintner: 

Praise Song for the Pandemic
Praise be the nurses and doctors, every medical staff bent over flesh to offer care, for lives saved and lives lost, for showing up either way,
Praise for the farmers, tilling soil, planting seeds so food can grow, an act of hope if ever there was, 
Praise be the janitors and garbage collectors, the grocery store clerks, and the truck drivers barreling through long quiet nights,
Give thanks for bus drivers, delivery persons, postal workers, and all those keeping an eye on water, gas, and electricity,  
Blessings on our leaders, making hard choices for the common good, offering words of assurance,
Celebrate the scientists, working away to understand the thing that plagues us, to find an antidote, all the medicine makers, praise be the journalists keeping us informed,
Praise be the teachers, finding new ways to educate children from afar, and blessings on parents holding it together for them, 
Blessed are the elderly and those with weakened immune systems, all those who worry for their health, praise for those who stay at home to protect them,
Blessed are the domestic violence victims, on lock down with abusers, the homeless and refugees, 
Praise for the poets and artists, the singers and storytellers, all those who nourish with words and sound and color,
Blessed are the ministers and therapists of every kind, bringing words of comfort, 
Blessed are the ones whose jobs are lost, who have no savings, who feel fear of the unknown gnawing,
Blessed are those in grief, especially who mourn alone, blessed are those who have passed into the Great Night, 
Praise for police and firefighters, paramedics, and all who work to keep us safe, praise for all the workers and caregivers of every kind, 
Praise for the sound of notifications, messages from friends reaching across the distance, give thanks for laughter and kindness,
Praise be our four-footed companions, with no forethought or anxiety, responding only in love, 
Praise for the seas and rivers, forests and stones who teach us to endure,
Give thanks for your ancestors, for the wars and plagues they endured and survived, their resilience is in your bones, your blood,
Blessed is the water that flows over our hands and the soap that helps keep them clean, each time a baptism,
Praise every moment of stillness and silence, so new voices can be heard, praise the chance at slowness,
Praise be the birds who continue to sing the sky awake each day, praise for the primrose poking yellow petals from dark earth, blessed is the air clearing overhead so one day we can breathe deeply again.
And when this has passed may we say that love spread more quickly than any virus ever could, may we say this was not just an ending but also a place to begin.
Sending you an Ocean of Love and keeping you all in my prayers, knowing that the Love of God  
enfolds you, and looking forward to our live fellowship time tomorrow,
Rev. Maggie Oman Shannon   
Senior Minister,  
Unity Spiritual Center of San Francisco

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